Selecting the right car wrapping company

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A good car wrap has a lot of marketing potential. After all, it has all the benefits of a billboard with added mobility.

Vehicle advertising lets businesses take their marketing with them. Whether on a business call or just going home from work, a car wrap can get the point across, making it a viable means of building a business brand.

However, these advantages are not inherent. In order to get the most out of any vehicle advertising, it is important to select the best car wrap company. When considering the options, here are four things to look for in any car advertising company.

1. Quality materials

Although all car wraps have the same intent, not all utilize the same materials. A good vehicle wrap can last for a long time, providing years of quality advertising. However, when lesser quality materials are used, the effect can limit the long term usefulness of the advertising. To get the best results, make sure the company uses premium high end cast adhesive vinyl. This vinyl not only looks great, but it has a better lifespan. It’s also good to see if the company uses one-way view UV laminate, which can provide coverage for windows, thereby increasing the advertising space substantially.

2. Warranties

Most companies will promise good results, but not all of them will back up their words with actual guarantees. As with any business investment, it is good to see what warranties and guarantees the company has in place. Some companies provide warranties with every purchase, but others may require the purchase of extra warranties on top of regular charges. If the company is using high end quality vinyl then they will most likely be offering 2 – 3 year product guarantees, anything less than this should leave a question mark in one’s mind.

3. Stylistic Choices

Quality is about more than the materials. In advertising, the stylistic execution is just as important as anything else. Therefore, always talk to the company about their thoughts regarding design. A good company will be able to develop a high quality branding image, employing graphics, limited text and distinctive colours. The company should be able to create designs that are simple and yet still stand out, which is not always an easy balance to strike.

4. Past work

The best way to figure out if a vehicle advertising company has what it takes to represent your business, is to look at past examples of their work. Any reputable company will be able to provide pictures from past clients, usually in a portfolio format. From these photos, it should be easy to assess the quality of the designs and the range of clients. When looking at the portfolio, see if the designs are appealing. Better still, make sure that they are clear, colourful and distinctive. If all the designs look the same, the company may have limited range. If the results are too complicated or too sloppy, it is probably wise to look elsewhere.