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Get targeted traffic straight to your site.

With the power of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can get your brand seen by a potentially huge audience – and only pay when they click on your ad.

At Catchy, our Google Ads experts know exactly how to get you noticed and clicked on by the people most likely to buy from your business. 

Using highly targeted, carefully crafted Google Ads, the Catchy team is here to help you drive a steady stream of qualified traffic straight to your website – then convert them into paying customers.

Payment Gateways
Payment Gateways

Boost your ROI with optimised campaigns.

When it comes to your Google Ads, we’re not the type to ‘set and forget’. Instead, we’re constantly finding ways to help you improve your results by refining your ads and optimising your campaigns.

Our campaign optimisation services ensure your Google Ads are always working as hard as possible for your business. By monitoring your ads’ performance and tweaking your campaigns as needed, we can keep right on delivering outstanding results from your PPC campaigns.

Which means more website visitors, lower ad costs, and higher ROI – and who doesn’t want that?

Let’s get you noticed

(by the right people).


Our targeted approach to search engine advertising is designed to give you the highest possible chance of converting – so you can get more bang for your advertising buck.

Catchy’s search engine advertising specialists will tailor a solution to suit your business needs, for high-quality website traffic that’s more likely to convert at the lowest cost per click.

  • Skyrocket visibility and reach the top of Google search.
  • Drive targeted, high-converting traffic to your website.
  • Ongoing optimisation for lower cost-per-click and higher ROI.
  • Flexible month-to-month agreements. No locked-in contracts.
  • Years of experience in running high-quality Google Ads campaigns.
  • You’ll get full access to the Google Ads account. 100% transparency.
  • Direct line to the Google Ads specialist that works on your account.
  • All Google Ads campaigns are managed in-house by Catchy Pages.
  • Campaign performance reports emailed monthly.

Our Search Engine Advertising Process.

From compelling ad copy to ongoing optimisation, here’s how Catchy’s search engine advertising whizzes can work wonders for your website:


We’ll start with a discovery session to map out your goals and get to know your business.


Next, we’ll develop a tailored strategy designed to deliver the best results from your Google Ads.


We’ll create your Google Ads and get them up and running –  so you can start seeing results.


We’ll monitor performance so we can drive down your cost-per-click and boost your ROI.

Awesome people, inspiring results. Discover what our happy customers have to say about their Catchy experience.

Derek Bloomfield

Google Review

Highly Recommended!

I would highly recommend Catchy Pages for their great services and support.

Tracey Francis

Google Review

Superior Service!

The SEO work he is doing has made huge improvements to traffic and sales!

Phil Tadros

Website Review

Further Exposure!

Catchy Pages experience and direction in making this happen was invaluable.

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Protective Services
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How long does website design from Catchy Pages take?

Catchy Pages works with clients to meet specific timeline needs. Most of the time, Catchy Pages can meet any deadline as specified by the client, though results may vary depending on the scale of the project.

How does Catchy Pages coordinate with clients to create a website?

Most clients communicate with Catchy Pages through email and telephone. In many cases, clients never need to meet with design staff in person. Clients can also stay informed regarding the progress by accessing a secure URL, which is only visible to Catchy Pages staff and clients.

After the website is completed, what support does Catchy Pages provide?

Catchy Pages offers website maintenance to ensure that websites are in good repair and up to date. Clients can contact Catchy Pages if any problems arise with their website or if additional enhancements are needed.

Does Catchy Pages provide web hosting services?

Yes. Catchy Pages offers a full range of web hosting services.

Is it necessary to use Catchy Pages for web hosting to proceed with design services?

No, clients may have their website hosted any web hosting company they choose. Clients may also switch hosting services at any time.

How should text and images be sent to Catchy Pages for development?

Clients are encouraged to submit content for their website via email. This could include text files from Microsoft Word or/and images taken from a digital camera. If other arrangements need to be made, Catchy Pages is happy to work with clients to get the job done.

Are websites from Catchy Pages well rated by search engines?

Yes. All websites designed by Catchy Pages are optimised with search engines in mind. However, this optimisation may change over time so it is important to have websites evaluated periodically in order to see how they are faring.

What costs are associated with Catchy Pages web design?

Prices vary depending on the services desired by the client. All charges are disclosed up front. Once an order is placed with Catchy Pages, the price will not change.

Does Catchy Pages utilise databases?

Databases are not required for all websites. However, websites that have a substantial amount of content may benefit from a database. Catchy Pages will discuss the use of databases with clients based on their individual needs. The staff at Catchy Pages is fully capable of incorporating databases into website design for superior functionality.

How can websites from Catchy Pages be updated?

The method of updating varies from client to client. Businesses with small websites are often best served by letting Catchy Pages do periodic updates. Other clients may opt for content management systems, which allows clients to have control over updates on certain portions of the website. Catchy Pages will work with clients to decide which updating method best suits their needs and their budget.

How do web browsers affect websites designed by Catchy Pages

Every web browser has a different interface, which may affect how a page appears. Catchy Pages uses a range of browsers in order to verify that all users will be able to interact with the site easily. However, this does mean that users may see a slightly different site depending on the browser they are using. It also means that the website may need to be updated periodically in order to stay current with the latest web browsers available.

Does Catchy Pages provide email?

Yes. Email accounts can be included in the web services provided by Catchy Pages. Clients may have multiple email accounts set up. The email addresses from Catchy Pages can be tailored to reflect the website and can incorporate the domain name. This ensures that the email addresses look professional, adding instant credibility to the business. Spam protection and other filtering options are also provided.

Does Catchy Pages provide tracking information?

Yes. Catchy Pages not only wp-signup.phps how many people view a website but provides information about where users are located and what search engines they used to find the website. Catchy Pages can even provide the search terms used to find the website, which is a critical tool for future business marketing plans.

Can Catchy Pages support online payment methods on their websites?

Yes. Clients can accept credit cards and other online payment gateways (PayPal, Direct Deposit, Australian Banks and so on) by using eCommerce websites developed by Catchy Pages. We will discuss the options with clients and design websites to support any online payment requirement.

How many pages can a website from Catchy Pages have?

As many as necessary. Catchy Pages can tailor websites to the needs of the client, no matter how big or how small they may be.

Can Catchy Pages use an existing website for resdesign purposes?

Yes. Catchy Pages is happy to look at an existing website to create a new one. In these cases, Catchy Pages can borrow elements from existing pages to create an updated version. It is also possible to simply use an existing website as inspiration for a complete website redesign. Catchy Pages will discuss either option with clients and proceed according to the client’s desires.

Can clients reject designs from Catchy Pages?

Catchy Pages is committed to creating websites to meet any client need. If clients are not pleased with a design, Catchy Pages will work tirelessly with clients in order to create a design that is more suited to the their needs. Catchy Pages is fully dedicated to satisfying clients, no matter what.

Does Catchy Pages provide domain names?

Yes. Catchy Pages gives clients the option to wp-signup.php a domain name at any time. Many clients prefer to utilise Catchy Pages for a domain name, web hosting and website development. However, clients do not need to contract Catchy Pages for any additional services to procure a domain name through Catchy Pages.

Who owns a completed website from Catchy Pages?

All completed websites are owned exclusively by clients. Catchy Pages provides all information related to the website via email for clients when the development process is completed. From here, clients are free to do whatever they desire with the product.