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Handy website tips and tricks.

How to interview an SEO company to find the best one?

The number of SEO companies that claim to be offering the best service are in the thousands. Making sense of what each of these companies offer can be mind boggling. This is why in order to avoid being conned by a company that just makes tall claims and never makes...

10 Creative domain name generators

Picking an original domain name for your business, product or service can be as easy as inserting a few keywords into a search box, thanks to some of the most advanced domain name generators on the web. Your domain name needs to make a good first impression. It's...

The right web designer can give your business an advantage

The right web designer can give your business an advantage

Transcript from the Northern Stars feature article 21-05-2013. Web designers may be easy to find, but effective, truly creative and solution-oriented ones are a rarity. After five years operating from the Northern Rivers, Catchy Pages has cemented its reputation...

At what point is rebranding your website a good idea?

Often the rush towards re-branding starts when big businesses or your competitors come up with a flashy new logo. The essence of rebranding Rebranding is the creation of a new symbol, name, term, or design which becomes your new corporate identity. A symbol by which...

How unique should your content be?

Everyone knows that content is king on the internet. Unique content gets ranked high regardless of what it is about. However, the question is how unique should your content be? It can really help to understand what Google or Bing means by duplicate content and its...

30 day money back garuantee.


Many web hosting companies will make similar claims about the quality of their hosting services. However, at Catchy Pages, we do not expect you to just take our word for it. We put our web hosting services on the line for your complete satisfaction with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with your new hosting service from Catchy Pages within 30 days, we will provide you with a full refund. That is how confident we are in our commitment to providing you with the very best service.