10 Creative domain name generators

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Picking an original domain name for your business, product or service can be as easy as inserting a few keywords into a search box, thanks to some of the most advanced domain name generators on the web.

Your domain name needs to make a good first impression. It’s the first thing your potential customer or client will see. While many top-level domains (TLDs: com, com.au) have been taken, there is a way to formulate creative and memorable domain names to represent your business.

There are several tools available to you over the internet to help establish and create an original domain name. Listed below are 15 user-friendly websites to help you in the name generation process.


Panabee’s domain name generator is a clever tool that derives name suggestions from phonemes, syllables, abbreviations, suffixes, prefixes, and popular domain trends extracted from your original idea. It can help brainstorm words and phrases connected to your idea, thus producing a name that’s unique and totally original.

Panabee also makes it simple to check domain name availability and supports international domains like .co.uk, .in, and .com.au.


Dot-O-Mator creates domain name suggestions by combining words entered into word search boxes labeled “beginnings” and “endings”. They also provide word lists you can use if you are stumped for a word. Once a name is generated, you can check for its availability or save it to your scratchboard.

For your convenience, there is a Dot-O-Mator app you can download to your iOS.


Domainname offers a wide variety of services all on one site. Their domain name generator will suggest possible variants out of a list of keywords you insert.

Domainename also has live online support available to answer any questions you may have.


BustAName has two useful tools to help you in generating a unique domain name. There is the word comber tool that generates names by combining words you provide and a domain maker tool that can generate names to look “very natural”, “less natural”, or “somewhat natural”, starting or ending with a word of your choosing.

The site allows you to save possible domain names and check their availability using their Quick Domain Check tool.


NameStall offers a variety of tools to successfully create a domain name personalized for you. It has a Domain Name Generator, a Brandable Domains generator and a 3 & 4 Letter Domain Search just to name a few.


Namerobot is an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself name generator machine. Its founder accumulated an extensive knowledge base in product naming and has developed sophisticated grammatical rules for accurate and customized results.

Unlike other name generators, Namerobot creates customized domain names by employing experienced name-finders, copywriters and translators. After completing a short questionnaire, you will expect to find 8 name suggestions along with a description explaining the idea behind the name within 7 days.


Wordoid’s intelligent naming tool allows you to select language, word length, quality and word patterns to generate a uniquely crafted original domain name. You can mix and match any combination of the aforementioned selections for an even greater individualized result.


Bulktopia’s generator feature allows you to search keywords and phrases that best describe your business, product or service. Bulktopia will search through millions of available and taken domain names to give you accurate suggestions.


NameBoy makes use of all four aspects of natural language variation, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. This makes NameBoy one-of-a-kind in domain name generation as it creates meaningful and trendy phrases by building upon keywords with an extensive affix set.


The Domize name generator tool is concerned for security as much as it is for providing the perfect domain name. All queries are encrypted over SSL and never leave the server.

Domize offers speed as well as a comprehensive check-system to access whether unavailable domain names can be bought on the secondary market.